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What is a Christian Science practitioner?

All Christian Scientists "practice" their religion daily, using it to heal everything from physical illnesses to relationship or employment problems. Some members, however, devote themselves to the full-time professional ministry of Christian healing.

Such a practice requires Bible study, consecrated prayer, and a demonstrated ability to apply spiritual understanding to the overcoming of human ills and discords. Preparations include a course of study with an authorized teacher of Christian Science and a record of successful healing of others.

The professional practice of Christian Science healing requires humility and love. Practitioners do not focus on healing the body, but lift thought to a

higher level of spiritual understanding and awareness of God's loving presence.Physical healing generally follows. Physical healing is not the primary purpose so much as the by-product or end result of spiritual growth.

In healing through Christian Science, there is no laying on of hands, diagnosis, or physical contact. In fact, many times a practitioner may consult with his patient only by phone or mail.

Christian Scientists have been relying on their own prayer and the work of practitioners for many generations. Verified accounts of such experiences dating back to the late 1800s are available in bound volumes of the Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel, both available in Christian Science Reading Rooms. Current publications with such testimonies are also available through Reading Rooms or by subscription.

In addition, several collections of such accounts have been published in book form. They include A Century of Christian Science Healing; Healing Spiritually, Renewing your life through the power of God's Law; and Spiritual Healing in a Scientific Age. These books are available at Christian Science Reading Rooms.

A directory of Christian Science practitioners, listed by location and telephone number, is published monthly in the Christian Science Journal. Practitioners work with the general public as well as church members and would be happy to speak with you at any time. Please note that practitioners sustain themselves with this work, so they do charge for their services.

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